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New TCM DEX module with Partnership Approach reporting

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    New TCM DEX module with Partnership Approach reporting

    Telstra Health is pleased to announce that an update to TCM DEX functionality is now available. The update provides the new TCM DEX Module 1,
    which introduces DSS DEX Partnership Approach reporting capabilities.

    The introduction of this module also provides the ability to upgrade only the DEX functionality without having to wait for a full release of TCM.
    The module update is available for TCM versions 7.28 and above.

    The New Release Notes and the Feature Notification documents about the new DEX module are available for download from this bulletin board at the
    TCM Documentation forum > Government Reporting page.

    If you wish to receive the latest TCM DEX Module 1 update, please contact the TCM Support team via email at [email protected] or via your Jira Support portal.