NDIS Price Update Wizard for TCM version 7.28

The TCM National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Price Update Wizard 2020-21 update is now available
for the NDIS Price Guide changes that came into effect on 1 July 2020.

Each time a new price catalogue is released, TCM’s NDIS Price Update Wizard is tested to check compatiblity
with the newly released file. If changes are identified in the latest file, the NDIS price update wizard is modified.
This allows organisations to import the latest price fileand to update their service prices to match the rates as
published by the NDIA.

To obtain scripts to update your NDIS price schedule, please contact TCM Support at [email protected]
or via your Jira portal.

Please note that these updates, scripts and the documentation below are specially coded for TCM version 7.28.
Earlier versions of TCM are covered in another posting.

Scripts for TCM version 7.28
What has changed?
The column names of the price list released for the 1st of July 2020 has been modified. The wizard has been changed to read the new file.

Additionaliy, with the introduction of admin charges for Services in TCM version 7.28, the way the rates are updated by the NDIS price update
wizard has been modified.

New feature in 7.28 - NDIS Claiming for Late Cancelled Services
This new functionality was introduced in TCM version 7.28 to help organisations claim from NDIA for late-cancelled services.
This feature was also built to accommodate the revisions that NDIA had made to the format of the bulk claim file.

Please read the documentation carefully before running the database update file and installing configuration files.

See link below for additional information including the 12-page Price Update information sheet.

To download documents see Features Notifications & Release Notes sub-forum at: